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About Us

In order to support the active development and improvement of the field of science and education, the development of a professional system of secondary special education, the creation of a UNIFIED EMU CLUSTER in the field of education, as well as on the basis of license No. 037089, the COLLEGE OF EMU was created, in which students are guaranteed to receive high-quality, world-standard  education.

The COLLEGE of EMU will provide an opportunity not only to receive a high-quality education with a unique interdisciplinary approach, to learn from the experience and knowledge of leading specialists in their field, but also to gain real experience of European quality, which will remain for a lifetime.

Directions: – Paramedic-midwifery – 3 years – Dentistry – 3 years – Nursing – 3 years – Pharmacy – 3 years

According to the internal policy of EMU UNIVERSITY, 10% of students  of the EMU  COLLEGE  with the highest academic performance according to the results of the semester can receive a founders grant for free education in the next semester.

Also, all students of the COLLEGE OF EMU, with the highest academic performance, are guaranteed to enter EMU UNIVERSITY on a grant basis, for the second year of study after graduating from our college.

Mission and values

The main goal of the EMU COLLEGE to train mature and advanced  personnel with advanced knowledge in the field based on modern educational standards, to provide medical organizations, especially primary health care institutions, with professional specialists.

The main tasks of the college are:

  • creation and expansion of opportunities for modern quality education for the younger generation;
  • support of innovative forms, technologies and developments in the educational process, provision of professional training and mutual cooperation;
  • training of personnel in practical skills of application of modern information and communication technologies;

License for educational activities

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